100 Contemporary Artists – Aesthetica Anthology 2013

Today we’re focusing on Antony Girardot.

A self-imposed period of 12 hours was allotted to construct the piece in which the creative process of layering became an integral part of the final work.

In constructing Twelve Hours Girardot employed dominant iconic colours to create an initial attraction and to produce the effect of “settling” the image for the viewer. The use of collage as a medium enables his work to be created at a quick pace that, in turn, speeds up the subliminal decision-making process. The artist explores methods of experimentation, engaging with all dialects of the art language.

Girardot’s last major exhibition was in 2012 at a reunion Art-Expo exhibition of ex-students of The Somerset College of Art and, prior to this, he exhibited in 1968. Whilst at college Girardot was a closet Surrealist, unfashionable in the time of the 1960’s highs of Pop Art, and he still retains a Surrealist approach in creating work today.

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