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Antony Girardot's latest paintings are a complete departure from New Horizons so how come?
His 2015 New Horizons artwork was a stream of energy with open ended interpretations reflecting a saturated and overloaded media world.
To him the outpouring was cathartic, It was an aesthetic purge much akin to putting your finger in a power socket, the unexpected shock clears the mind and you are suddenly aware of the moment. So he cauterized all thought and threads, started from a primitive mind set and let the unconscious sort things out.
Rarely using brushes or traditional methods he preferred anything that was quick, rollers, squeegees, anything and limited his paint movements to simple left and right and always horizontal. Even color choices were random.


Since New Horizons and as result of this purging Antony Girardot's current paintings have become much more measured, the aggressive driven approach has been exhausted in favor of a calmer and quieter approach. It's not quite minimal but doing just enough so as not to muddy the message or dilute the narrative. It would be so easy to elaborate on simple shapes or forms but it is apparent that restraint rules.


There is no substitute for seeing art first hand and although these new paintings view well on digital displays they take on a new dimension one on one. 
Does size matter? It sure does, these paintings look big on a small canvas! I'm reminded of Russian Icons and their dimensions. T
hese new artworks are not just paint on a surface they are objects in their own right. For example there has been no attempt to frame them, instead the canvas edges are exposed showing the drips and runs of the grimy textured background wash which in turn accentuates the image precisely painted over it. This has the effect of prioritising the colour image, giving it prominence and reinforcing the three dimensional structure of the object painted on the two dimensional plane. 
The result is you are drawn into the calmness of an intangible form, void of time.

These paintings are a welcome escape from the visually manic cluttered world, there is no attempt to say anything profound, no hidden agenda, they're almost Zen and definately spiritual.  


Mateo Reyes


Curator L.A. Art Central

Outsider Art Pop Up

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